I'm a UX & Product Designer, with a Treehouse course, agency experience, and a pending patent.

About Me

I have a passion for making things that people will actually use—and be delighted by. I love UX research because it lets me pinpoint how to build stronger products, based on customer needs. If people don't understand how a product works, that's on the builder: it's my key mission to ensure success for everyone by anticipating customers' goals and finding solutions that deliver top-notch experiences.

I love cheddar cheeseburgers, campfires, and live team trivia, in that order. I'm based out of Knoxville, Tennessee (The Maker City) and enjoy life with my rad, bespectacled husband and our trusty sidekicks, Long-Haired German Shepherds, Cliff and Clove. I'm a proud dog mom turned social media manager for our micro-influencer, dynamos of dogs.

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My name is Kaleigh
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